Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

AirConsole Game Content - Production and Project Management

80% Job
Team: N-Dream AG
Role: Game Concepts, Content Strategy, Reviews and Quality Assurance

When I joined N-Dream in 2015, my main task was the development of flagship games for the AirConsole platform. After the development of Dust Squad was concluded in Spring 2018, my focus shifted to a producer role.

It had always been part of my job to join the team in reviewing games before release. With new investments in game content, closely managing and reviewing game projects has become even more important.

AirConsole acquires game content through several avenues: fully commissioned projects with work-for-hire studios, paid ports of existing PC, Console or Mobile games, hobby developers who choose AirConsole as their release platform, and developer community events such as game dev contests and game jam sponsorships.

In close coordination with AirConsole's founder and its product manager, I take a prominent role in deciding the platform's content strategy. This includes discussing and defining game concepts to produce, reviewing and refining developers' pitches and Game Design Documents and deciding scope and budgets for various projects.

My job includes a lot of playtesting and writing detailed feedback, researching games to port or adapt, supporting developers in technical and design questions and keeping AirConsole's developer tools up to date and easy to work with.

The video below is a beginner tutorial I produced for the Global Game Jam 2019, where AirConsole sponsored a diversifier.