Game Design


Spring 2015
Bachelor Project in Game Design ZHdK
Teammate: Martina Hugentobler

Panakeia is a challenging action game with procedurally generated levels in which the player is tasked with healing an infected world and its inhabitants.

Although the games look nothing alike in their final version, Panakeia is a sort of spiritual successor to BEEST: I used a heavily modified version of BEEST's level generator, and was able to profit greatly from lessons learned in the previous semester.
In the end, I only reused about 50 lines of code, everything else was rewritten in better and more efficient ways.

Our main focus for the game and thesis was to make a game with core roguelike characteristics - permadeath, procedural levels and high difficulty - while breaking with a lot of conventions present in the roguelike genre. So while a lot of games in the genres work with 2D or pixel art, we went with intense, colorful 3D. Where a lot of roguelike games are about clearing a dungeon - i.e. killing anything that moves - we deided to make our game about healing.

For more detail, have a look at the Thesis Paper [PDF]

Download the Game: Mac | PC

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Panakeia Gameplay
Design Process, a short montage of how the game evolved in the four months we worked on it fulltime.


Fall 2014
Fifth semester in Game Design ZHdK
Teammate: Martina Hugentobler

BEEST is a roguelike action game that was created in a course about procedural Game Design.
Our intention was to create a game that was easy to learn, but hard to master. Meaning: You'll die a lot in the beginning.

I wrote a level generator that creates a cluster of hexagon-shaped 'rooms', connects them where necessary and randomly places enemies, items, and other objects in the level. I was also in charge of conceptualising and implementing all (currently) 59 items than appear in the game, while my teammate was responsible for visuals and enemy AI.

In BEEST, you play a mechanical bee with the task of cleaning an infected beehive from parasites, heal sick bees by draining energy from enemies and kill the corrupted queen bee. The game's setting was inspired by real-life experiments about creating a 'stronger' type of honeybee which can defend itself from parasites.

The latest addition is an online highscore.

Download the Game: Mac | PC

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Fall 2014
Fifth semester in Game Design ZHdK
Teammate: Don Schmocker

TypeFight is an asymmetrical fighting game for two players. One player controls a duellist by typing commands such as 'left', 'right', 'attack' or 'dodge'. The second character, a robot, is controlled by the Griffin Powermate, a rotary knob.

All visuals were created by Don Schmocker, while I was in charge of coding and balancing the game.

Since the two characters have different input, balancing them was our main focus for the project. The duellist's input take time to type and their current input is always visible, which can be used by the other player to plan ahead. The robot on the other hand has two stances - melee and range - between which he has to switch to perform the right action.

Download the Game: Mac | PC

Note: The game can be played without the intended input device, but a NumPad is required in that case.

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Murder in Venice

Spring 2014
Fourth semester in Game Design ZHdK
Teammate: Aline Baumgartner

Our task here was to create an Adventure Game in a team of two people with a timeframe of roughly 2.5 months.
My main duty was the programming and writing, further tasks included creating the main character, sound design, animating the cutscenes and providing some additional 2D- and 3D-assets, such as the User Interface.

In Murder in Venice, the player takes the role of a detective, trying to resolve a rather bizarre incident at the Carnevale's "Angel Flight".

Download the game (no installation required)
German: Mac | PC
English: Mac | PC

Play the game in your browser (Unity Web Player required): German | English

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A Mile in Their Shoes

January 2014
Global Game Jam and Games for Change Challenge
Teammates: Dominik Troxler & Martina Hugentobler

Our team of three decided to spend the Global Game Jam realizing a concept we had previously come up with for the Games for Change Europe Challenge.
I was responsible mostly for research and writing, as well as implementing text. The whole game was created within 48 hours.

At the beginning of the game, the player is randomly assigned a race, religion, sexuality and gender identity.
They then explore a city, encountering several day-to-day situations where people treat them differently based on said attributes.

Red Bull Wing Race

Early 2014
Red Bull Gamify
Teammates: Don Schmocker & Christian Schmidhalter

Red Bull worked together with ZHdK to have students pitch gamification concepts.
My tasks were project management and gameplay programming.

In Wing Race, the player controls a plane with their arms, using Kinect for motion input.