Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

Wildshade - Fantasy Horse Racing Game

Since 2021
Social Media & Community
Team: Tivola Games
Role: Social Media Presence, Community Buildup & Management

I joined the Wildshade team as a freelancing part-time contributor to Tivola Games in Spring 2021, shortly after leaving AirConsole.

My task is to build up a social media presence and following from scratch, focusing primarily on TikTok, Instagram and Discord as platforms, with additional presences on Twitter and Facebook. To garner initial interest, I was able to make use of the Horses & Video Games communities that I have built up over two previous years.

I am working closely with Wildshade's core development team of about 8 people.

To see Wildshade's development progress and learn more about the game, make sure to follow these accounts: