Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

About Alice Ruppert

Alice Ruppert is a Game Designer, Producer and Writer.

She studied Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts, where she graduated in June 2015.

Barely a week later, Alice started working for N-Dream AG, to create games for the then brand-new AirConsole platform. After three years of making local multiplayer games with smartphone controllers in the Unity3D game engine, Alice's job evolved into the Head of Games at the startup. She worked in the role of an executive producer on the production of several of AirConsole's flagship titles, where she accompanied and supported the dev teams from concept to release.

Starting in 2018, she turned her passion for horses in video games into a very serious hobby in running The Mane Quest. In May 2021, Alice quit her job at AirConsole in search of new challenges and started focusing more on her horse game efforts as a freelancing consultant and community manager. Later in 2021, she joined Aesir Interactive as Creative Producer for Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch.

In her free time, she takes pleasure in fantasy writing, jigsaw puzzles, cooking, horseriding and of course, playing video games. She will always gladly recommend fantasy audiobooks to listen to.

Alice lives in Zurich, Switzerland with her partner and two Abyssinian cats.