Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

BEEST - Topdown Roguelike Action

Fall 2014
Procedural Generation Student Project
Team: Martina Hugentobler, Alice Ruppert
Role: Programming, Balancing, Game Design

BEEST was inspired by the very real issue of honeybees dying due to parasites. Actual experiments to create new types of honeybees that can resist certain parasites have been conducted. In our version, we played with the idea of a robotic bee that is sent into beehives in order to exterminate the hostile parasites within.

In traditional roguelike manner, we intended for the game to be difficult to master. In the end however, we managed that a bit too well and have created a game that borders on frustration in its difficulty.
The player moves from room to hexagonal room in a level, only able to leave rooms once all enemies within have been defeated. In some rooms, the player will encounter sick honeybees that can only be cured by draining life force from still living enemies.

There are a variety of different skills and items to be found in the levels, many giving small passive enhancements such as increased damage or movement speed. Most items exist in different tiers with stronger or weaker effects. The player can carry one active skill than can only be used once every few rooms.

At the end of a level, the player encounters a boss enemy in the form of the Corrupted Queen Bee, which has to be eliminated in order to continue to the next level.

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