Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

In my time at AirConsole, my research for The Mane Quest, my involvements in Zurich's local game dev scene and my general interest in social progress and diversity, I have learned a lot that may be useful to other people and their projects:

My core areas of expertise are horse games and representations/implementations of horses in video games (design, animations, functionality) and small-scale game production, but I also have significant experience in the fields of social media marketing and community buildup/management.
Through my work at AirConsole and as a judge for university admission exams and bachelor exams, I have seen and evaluated hundreds of games and can offer useful advice in many areas such as onboarding and tutorialization as well as marketing strategies and communication.

Rates are determined based on session frequency and customer size/funds.
Find references of previous such experiences below.

Exhibition Concept Consultation Swiss National Museum


I was a consultant for the Games exibihiton at the Swiss National Museum. Over the course of several months, I gave feedback and additional input for games to exhibit, topics to cover, and wordings to use. I joined the exhibition team for the opening press conference and gave a short speech about the exhibition at its opening night.

"Alice’ extraordinary commitment to the project and her expertise were vital for the success of the “Games” exhibition in the Swiss National Museum."

— Selina Stuber, Michael Kempf, Co-curators “Games”

Bachelor Exams in Digital Ideation Hochschule Luzern


I was invited to be an external jury member for the Bachelor exams in Digital Ideation at HSLU. This was the very first set of 14 graduates in the brand new field of study. Some of the projects were games, others application prototypes or art installations.

I joined the jury team again for the exams the following years.


"For the Bachelor diploma presentations of Digital Ideation – the interdisciplinary study program between Design and Information Technology of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Alice joined as a member of the committee overseeing the students’ projects results to evaluate them based on given criteria. With her expertise in game development and game design, her readiness of mind and her ability to assess the presented work precisely, Alice’s feedback was highly valued as it complemented to the broad spectrum of the Digital Ideation Bachelor Theses."

— Manuela Maier-Hummel, Lecturer in Digital Ideation

Game Design Student Admission Interviews Zurich University of the Arts


I was invited as an external jury member for the student admission process for the Game Design Specialization at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Together with the head of the Game Design specialization Ulrich Götz and lecturers René Bauer and Max Moswitzer, I interviewed applicants and grade them according to a predefined scoring system.

"Alice Ruppert completed our examination jury and supported it with full energy. We value her as an external expert because of her special knowledge in theory and practice, but also because of her very high communication skills."

— Prof. Ulrich Götz, Head of Specialization in Game Design, ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts