Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

Dust Squad - Tanks for Nothing - Local Co-op Puzzle Action

"Next Level" AirConsole Game
Team: Martina Hugentobler, Alice Ruppert, AirConsole Team
Role: Programming, Balancing, Game Design

Dust Squad - Tanks for Nothing is a cooperative puzzle action game for 1-6 players. As with all games on AirConsole, every player uses their smartphone to control the game, which is running in a browser on their computer.
In Dust Squad, every player takes control of a little sentient tank. To advance through the levels, players must defeat evil robots, drive skillfully to jump over ramps and activate switches to open doors.

Work on Dust Squad began in January 2017, right after Silly World Series, our first "big" game on AirConsole, was concluded.

With this game, we planned to bring AirConsole games to a "new level", to create a new flagship title to show the platform's possibilities. One aspect of this is that the game uses persistent user data for players to upgrade their tanks over several play sessions, but the idea also influenced various other decisions all throughout development.

The game was first released in December 2017. In March 2018, we released an update with more enemy types and more puzzles, as well as traps and other timing-based elements and 17 entirely new levels.

Music and sound effects for the game were composed and created by Michel Barengo.

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