Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch - Creative Producer

Team: Aesir Interactive GmbH
Publisher: Microids
Role: Creative Producer

Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch is an open world exploration, basebuilding and adventure game. The player is in charge of bringing their desolate family estate back to its former glory by placing buildings, breeding horses, riding races and befriending the residents of Cape Emerald. By exploring the large open world, the player finds new horses to tame, new blueprints for buildings and building variations, resources to construct said buildings, and customization items for horse and rider.

In Spring 2021, I started working as a freelance consultant for Aesir Interactive and their latest (then unannounced) horse game project. After a few months of consulting for the project, Aesir offered me a full time position.

I joined the Aesir team as a Creative Producer – a role that combines Producing, Product Ownership and Creative Direction – in November 2021. I primarily work from home in Zurich, with occasional visits to the office in Munich. My tasks and responsibilities include general project management and organization, publisher communication, as well as vision keeping and creative leadership. Throughout the development of Horse Tales, I was able to actively engage and involve the existing Horses & Video Games Community, for early playtesting as well as for crowdsourcing ideas for horse traits, horse names and more.

Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch has been publicly announced by publisher Microids SA in June 2022 and was released in Winter 2022 on PC Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In Summer and Fall 2023, work on the game continued in the form of two DLCs: The Arabian Horse breed and Foal Care. These paid DLCs were released in late 2023 alongside a free patch with various updates and fixes requested by players.

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