Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

Murder in Venice - Adventure Game

Spring 2014
First complete student game
Team: Aline Baumgartner, Alice Ruppert
Role: Programming, Balancing, Game Design

In Murder in Venice, the player takes the role of a detective tasked with investigating the death of a young woman.

The unfortunate victim fell to her death during the "Flight of the Angel", a traditional event during the Venetian Carnival where an acrobat is lowered from the top of the San Marco tower. In reality, an acrobat died during the event in 1759, upon which the real life acrobats were replaced by a wooden dove until 2001, when the traditional Angel Flight was reintroduced.

In the game, the player can explore the Piazza San Marco to talk to witnesses and pick up clues. The game's playtime is around 20-40 minutes.

My main duty was the programming and writing, further tasks included creating the main character, sound design, animating the cutscenes and providing some additional 2D and 3D assets, such as the User Interface.

Looking back at the game, Murder in Venice has a lot of issues - most of them easily explained by the fact that this project held a lot of "firsts" for us, like rigging and animating a character or using and adapting a dialogue system. Despite its problems, Murder in Venice has received praise for its story and puzzles as well as its cutscenes, lovingly drawn by my teammate Aline Baumgartner.

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