Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Creative Producer


Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch is an open world exploration and basebuilding game centered around horse riding, training and breeding. The game was released for PC and Consoles in late 2022. I oversaw the project as Creative Producer between alpha and release.

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Wildshade Social Media & Community


Wildshade is a Fantasy Horse Racing Game for mobile phones. Making use of the experience and network I built up for The Mane Quest, I built up Wildshade's social media accounts and community buildup.

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The Mane Quest News & Review Website

Since 2018

The Mane Quest is a website dedicated to horses in video games and video games about horses. On it, I write news articles, reviews and analyses of interactive digital equines.

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AirConsole Game Production Content Management


After concluding the production of Dust Squad in Spring 2018, I shifted my focus to a producer role for our externally developed projects.

With a Series A investment round in Fall 2019 and the plan to invest heavily in game content, that role became vital throughout 2020.

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Horsegame Prototype


I started working on a prototype of something that has long been a dream project of mine: A stable management game about caring for, training and breeding horses.

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Dust Squad Local Co-op Puzzle Action


Dust Squad - Tanks for Nothing is a flagship title of the AirConsole platform.

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Silly World Series 1-8 Player Minigame Collection


Silly World Series is the first major game we created for AirConsole. It was in development for over a year between fall 2015 and the end of 2016 and has been played by hundreds of thousands of people.

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Panakeia Roguelite Action Game - ZHDK Bachelor Project


Panakeia was the bachelor thesis for my studies in Game Design. The original intention of the project was to make a non-violent game with roguelike characteristics.

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BEEST Topdown Roguelike Action - Student Project

Fall 2014

BEEST is a fast paced roguelite action game. The player takes the role of a robot bee to free beehives from parasites.

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TypeFight Asymmetric Local Multiplayer - Student Project

Fall 2014

In TypeFight, two players compete on the same computer. One player types commands such as "attack" or "dodge" to control their character, the other player uses a rotary knob to play.

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Murder in Venice Adventure Game - Student Project

Spring 2014

In Murder in Venice, a young woman dies during the Venetian Carneval. The player takes the role of a detective tasked with finding out whether her fall from St. Mark's Tower was a mere accident or villainous sabotage.

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Wing Race Interactive Red Bull Vending Machine

Winter/Spring 2014

In a cooperation with Red Bull, student teams were tasked with coming up with innovative and interactive marketing strategies for the Red Bull energy drink. Our contribution was a kinect-controlled game where the player has to flap their arms in order to fly.

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Rewrap 3D Animation

Fall 2013

The goal of the 'Rewrap' project is for students to learn about modelling, lighting and textures by recreating the style and looks of an existing game.

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