Alice Ruppert
Game Design | Game Development

Silly World Series - 1-8 Player Minigame Collection

First major project for AirConsole
Team: Martina Hugentobler, Alice Ruppert, AirConsole Team
Role: Programming, Balancing, Game Design

Silly World Series is a collection of minigames inspired by classic party games such as Mario Party. The game collection was intended to serve as a "flagship" title for the AirConsole platform - it remains one of the most played games AirConsole offers and has been played by hundreds of thousands of people. Like all titles on AirConsole, Silly World Series is played in the browser (made with Unity WebGL), with players using their smartphones as controllers.

While the first minigame "Silly Run Valley" was launched as early as December 2015, the first real version of Silly World Series went live in March 2016, containing three minigames. Within the following months, more minigames were added, as well as additional features and characters. The current and final version of Silly World Series offers six different minigames, four different characters with six different skins each, two game modes and local and global highscores for all minigames.

The six minigames available within the collection are:

Silly Run Valley

An endless runner game inspired by mobile titles such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Players run through a canyon at increasing speed, swiping up and down on their mobile phones to evade obstacles. Every once in a while, a bomb appears - players can shake their phone to diffuse it, or choose to pass it along to another player by swiping left or right.

Cliff Hanger

Players climb up rocks in a waterfall by swiping in the direction indicated by the arrow on the rock. Swiping wrong means falling down to a lower rock.

The Hungry Games

Players have to give input as quickly as they can to eat a fruit that appears before them. The quickest player gets the fruit, but pressing too soon means a player might eat a bomb instead and be knocked out for a few precious seconds.

Derpy Dancing

Players are shown a sequence of arrows that they have to memorize. In a second phase, players need to input the same sequence one arrow at a time by swiping on their phone screen. As the game progresses, the length of these sequences increase.

Hide and Sneak

Players tap their phone screen as quickly as possible to advance in order to sneak up on a tortoise walking before them. They need to pay attention to the tortoise's movement and stop before it looks back at them, or they will be thrown backwards.


Like in the classic "Frogger", players cross busy lanes of traffic. Only instead of cars, they dodge buffalo in the savannah.

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