Alice Ruppert
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PGC Digital #7 2021 Panel: Working with Publishers

I was asked to be a panellist at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital in July 2021 as part of the event's "Beyond the Deal" conference track. The panel focused on the advantages of working with publishers and what publishers are looking for in developers and game pitches.

The event happened digitally over Zoom and was hosted by Des Gayle. My fellow panellists were Zaair Hussain of Miniclip, Ella Romanos of Fundamentally Games and Victor Vielliard of Homa Games.

Swiss National Museum 2020 "Games" Exhibition Opening Night

I was hired as an external consultant by the Swiss National Museum for their "Games" exhibition.

For the exhibition's opening night in January 2020, I was invited to give a short speech about the topic. Due to the largely not gaming savvy audience, I decided to focus on the general potential of games as a medium, which is often underestimated and undervalued in Switzerland.

The speech was in German, but the YouTube video has English captions.

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Ludicious 2019 All Horse Games are bad and here's why You should care

Ludicious 2019 included a set of "Hyper Talks", a set of five minute presentations in quick succession.

I gave a quick summary of the state of the horse game genre and market and its problems, based on my research for The Mane Quest.

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Unite Europe 2017 Discovering the Potential of Unity WebGL with AirConsole

In June 2017, I was a speaker at Unite Europe 2017, the official conference for the game engine Unity3D.

I gave some insight into AirConsole's past, present and future. I talked about what we have done to improve our product, to reach developers and to reach players and why Unity WebGL was incredibly important for us along the way.

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GDC Pitch 2017 AirConsole by N-Dream AG

As part of GDC 2017, AirConsole was invited to participate in the GDC Pitch, where I gave a brief overview of our company, its achievements and its potential.

In the short pitch presentation, I focussed on AirConsole's role in reinventing and revitalizing the genre of Local Multiplayer gaming.

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Intel Buzz Berlin The Potential of Smartphone Controllers in Local Multiplayer Game Design

In late 2016, I was invited to give a presentation at the Intel Buzz Workshop Berlin, a one day game dev event hosted by BoosterSpace Berlin.

Like at Respawn 2016, I talked about the potential and challenges of smartphone controllers in local multiplayer games.

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Respawn 2016 The Potential of Smartphone Controllers in Local Multiplayer Game Design

At the 2016 edition of Respawn - Gathering of Game Developers, I held a talk on the subject of using smartphones for controllers in local multiplayer games - this is a subject matter I am confronted with every day in my work for AirConsole.

The talk focussed on the advantages and disadvantages that smartphones have compared to regular gamepads, and explained how clever game design can embrace and work around the challenges they present.

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